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English versions of Balkar

 All three volumes of Balkar are now available in English.

This comic is a fictional story set in ancient Iberia (6th-1st century BC) and follows the traditional plot of the hero's journey. An old priest probes his failing memory and recalls the exploits of Balkar, a legendary Iberian warrior.

Efforts have been made to maintain historical accuracy in areas such as clothing, weapons, architecture, tools, and household items. Nevertheless, the events recounted belong to the realm of fiction, as it is difficult to create a story based solely on what we know from historical sources and archaeology when it comes to Iberian society.

In fact, this type of literary exercise is a challenge, especially when it comes to dealing with those aspects that belong to the immaterial realm, such as thought or social behaviour. In an attempt to resolve these issues, archaeological science relies on the analysis and study of material remains, although it is only a matter of time before new discoveries and studies lead to new interpretations.

It does not help that the Iberian language has not been translated and we only know certain proper names or place names. Bastiltur, the home of the protagonists, is an fictional name, made up of the name of the archaeological site that inspired it (La Bastida de les Alcusses) and the Iberian root -iltur (possibly referring to the Latin oppidum). Although the excavations of this Iberian settlement have revealed many secrets, the events recounted in this story are still mere speculations about what might have happened, hidden behind a shroud of decay and oblivion.

This series comprises three volumes:

1. Balkar. The warrior forge

Full colour paperback with soft cover.
Kindle version (e-book).

The initial volume depicts the protagonist's journey to maturity and the emergence of Bodilkas, a character whose overreaching ambition initiates the catastrophic incidents that disrupt the delicate territorial equilibrium between the peoples of Contestania and Edetania.

2. Balkar. The betrothal of the lady.

Full colour paperback with soft cover.
Kindle version (e-book).

This second volume of Balkar picks up the story of our heroes after the terrible event in Bastiltur.
As a result, our protagonists will find themselves caught up in the intricate web of alliances and strategies between Contestania and Edetania.
The bloody rise to authority of power-hungry Bodilkas in Kelin will challenge the agreements that have upheld the stability and prosperity of the two peoples.
An essential aspect of these agreements is the betrothal between Sicedunin of Saiti, daughter of Ildutas and Aretaunin, and Antorbanen of Edeta, son of Urcebas and Similce, in the aim of reinforcing the blood ties between the two cities.
Sicedunin will undertake on a dangerous journey north, accompanied by some warriors of Bastiltur, led by Tarbanikor, Balkar and Baisetas.

3. Balkar. Conspiracy and fire

Full colour paperback with soft cover.
Kindle version (e-book).

This third volume of Balkar brings the saga of our hero to a close.
The confrontation between the rulers of the cities of Edeta and Kelin leads our protagonists along different ways that finally converge in the latter city.
Friendship, revenge and love are the essential forces that drive their decisions at a time when their own destiny, as well as that of Contestania and Edetania, will be decided.

Only free software tools were used to create this comic:
Inkscape was used to draw and colour each vignette, Gimp to retouch images and backgrounds, Blender to create reference models and scenarios, and Scribus to design and layout the printed book.

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